What is Pusseli?

The designer and maker of the Pusseli Jewelry is me, Jutta Tuokko from a company called Eläinpalvelu Pusseli. The biggest inspiration for my jewelry pieces are my cute silly jack russell terriers Panda and Pilke, father and son. They are my personal trainers and always make sure I don't have dull moments. I get inspiration also from nature. I love the mountains, especially the Alps, and love SUP-paddling with my furry friends. I started making these jewelry pieces in the year of 2013 when I wanted stylish dog jewelry just for myself. When my friends got exited of my jewelry pieces and wanted to order them for themselves, I thought that there could be a market for these. Now I make these to all those wonderful customers that want unique jewelry pieces with their dear pets and people.

I'm privileged to hear lovely stories of the heroes that are chosen to pose in the jewelry pieces. It's great to work with such wonderful customers. I have made jewelry pieces with dogs, cats, rats, horses, gerbils and dear children and friends. A tarantella has also posed for a keyring. Your photo's subject doesn't matter, all subjects can be captured to jewelry.

The most important thing for me as a jewelry maker is customer satisfaction. I'm happy to help customers in all their needs. If you need help with choosing the jewelry model or the picture, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you have special requests for a jewelry piece, no problem. I also make fully customized unique jewelry pieces. Let's design together a piece that fits your needs. I'm here for you. Contact: jutta@pusseli.fi

Co-operation opportunities

Pusseli is interested in co-operation opportunities that benefits both of us. If you have an idea how we could make customers happy together, you can contact me jutta@pusseli.fi