Privacy Notice 

Updated: May 28th 2018

Registry owner and controller

Eläinpalvelu Pusseli
Seunalantie 12 A 9
04200 Kerava
VAT-number: FI27206076

General Info

At Pusseli we take extreme care of all the information that we collect from our customers. We also want to allow our customers to access their data and have the possibility to be forgotten. All information gathered by Pusseli in the process of fulfilling your orders and communicating with those interested in our products and services will be collected lawfully and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effective from 25th May 2018.

In order to use Pusseli’s services, the customer must accept the methods of data collection and processing described in this Privacy Notice. This acceptance will be confirmed and registered when customer places an order (contract), registers to the service / newsletter or uses an account (consent), or during any other process that requires us to collect data.

Pusseli collects and stores these types of information: data provided by the users themselves, information about the using of the online services, and analytical data.  

We use the information for:
- providing a safe and easy to use service
- Developing our marketing to better serve you
- improving our website and shopping experience
- improving our customer service

What information do we collect and store?

1. Information provided by the user
- Identification information, such as name
- Contact information, such as phone number, e-mail address, and postal address
- Payment information, including billing information and payment method
- Product Reviews
- Marketing messages / Newsletter subscriptions
- Personal information provided by the customer with their separate consent, such as customer feedback / questionnaires

2. Information received from the use of online services:

- Delivery information, such as shipping address and selected payment method
- Purchase history, such as ordered products and payments
- E-commerce browsing and usage information
- Devices used for browsing

3. Information received from analyzing the data and analytics

- Product recommendations derived from customer’s browsing and purchase history

We get our information mainly from the users of our website. Some information we get from our affiliates, such as a credit provider for billing services.

Who can view or handle my data?

Only Pusseli employees trained to use the information properly may access our customer information and the software used to control them. All our systems require password authentication.

In some cases, we need to transfer information to third parties, for reasons such as shipping, data storage, analytics or marketing. For these purposes, we only use trusted partners with whom we have covered comprehensive data protection and data processing agreements. These contracts have taken into account the requirements of current data legislation and the EU Data Protection Regulation. Pusseli’s partners do not have permission to use or distribute information for their own purposes.

Data management liable:
Eläinpalvelu Pusseli
Seunalantie 12 A 9
04200 Kerava

VAT-number: FI27206076

What is my data used for?

Personal information is used for/to:

- Managing your order: processing, delivering, archiving and accounting
- Maintaining and improving customer relationships and services
- Developing the services and systems of Pusseli
- Operational and statistical purposes
- Making product recommendations
- Improving our marketing
- Abuse prevention

Is my data safe?

Pusseli adheres to good data protection practices when handling customer data, and access to data is monitored and password protected. Pusseli is committed to meet up with the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will be effective as of 25 May 2018.

How long will the data be stored?

We will store the information as long as is needed to accomplish the uses mentioned in this document.

Data storing times:
- Information related to orders and webstore: 5 years. Some information may be stored longer if it is required by law.
- Email archive: 7 years
- Accounting: 7 years

These retention periods may be extended if any applicable statutory or regulatory obligation requires us to hold information for a longer period.

What are my rights?

Your rights:
- Right to access and review the collected personal information
- Right to correct your information
- Right to request restrictions on your data processing within the limits that allow us still to accomplish the uses mentioned in this Privacy Notice
- Right to unsubscribe marketing messages / newsletters
- If you notice any flaws in our handling or operations, you have the right to file a complaint to your local Data Protection Authority. Please let us know so that we can correct our mistakes.
- You have a right to be forgotten, if we don’t have any legal obligations to continue the processing of your data.

Will my data end up with third parties?

Some necessary information will be passed on to third parties in order to allow functions such as shipping, payment transactions, and marketing messages. For example during your payment transaction, your payment information is sent through a trusted payment agent.

Each party will receive only the necessary information for the task they are handling. Any unnecessary use or distribution of data by these service providers is strictly prohibited. All data transfers are conducted through secure connections.

Cookies and other tracking methods

Pusseli’s web pages utilize cookies and similar browsing features, such as a browser cache. These are small files on your computer which allow us to collect analytics from e-commerce users. Cookies are used for example for shopping cart functions and user authentication. It is mandatory to accept cookies and their use on our site as many of its functions depend on them.

We use cookies also to personalize our marketing. Our website has other tracking technologies too, such as tracking pixels. Our website is tracked by Google and Facebook. Through these methods we can for example analyze and develop our site, shop and marketing to better serve your needs.

Changes to the privacy notice

Pusseli has a right to make changes to this Privacy Notice if there are any changes to the GDPR regulations or other legislative changes, or if the changes are needed to develop our services. Any major changes will be reported to our customers separately.


Please contact if you have any questions about the Privacy Notice.