Gift Cards

Can't deside which jewelry model you should choose for a gift? Does the gift receiver like necklaces or bracelets more, and in which color and style? In these cases Pusseli Gift Card is a great choise for you. With a Pusseli Gift Card you can buy all the models in the Pusseli shop. You can choose a value from 10 to 200 euros (in USD approx. 11 - 220 USD) for a gift card.

Pusseli Gift Cards are valid for 12 months after purchase date. Pusseli Gift Cards are sent to your email as a PDF-file. Gift cards are sent approx. 1-2 days after your purchase.  

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Using the Gift Card

Did you receive a gift card? Warm welcome to the world of Pusseli Jewelry! Start using your gift card by choosing the model(s) you like to order and add them to the shopping cart as normal. When you have added all the models, go to the Checkout. On the first page of the checkout you can see a field "Redeem a voucher coupon". Write the code from the gift card to this field. Check that the code is correctly written and then press "Redeem". Then continue normally through the checkout process.

If the gift card hasn't got enough value for all of your purchases, you can pay remaining amount at the checkout.

If you still have money left in the gift card after your purchase, you can use the remaining amount later. It will take approx. 2 days for the code to work again. Sorry for this delay that is in the shop's system.

If you have any problems with your code or the gift card or you would like to ask something about the gift cards, don't hesitate to contact: