Gallery of customer's orders

Here you can see examples of customer's orders. You can also see the original photo(s) used in the jewelry piece. You can see how different photos work great in the jewelry pieces. And how the photo changes when the background is being removed and replaced by a new background color. Welcome to explore!

Super cute Alma and Utu posing in a black number holder / ring clip. Alma (on the bottom) is a black 1,5 years old Belgian Shepherd Groenendael who is a social, always happy girl. <3

Utu is 4 years old Belgian Shepherd Tervueren, who is very social and loves people. Utu is also energetic and  always on the move. :)

Alma and Utu look so damn cute in these black number holders with light pink background color, don't they? <3

I had the privilege to make a magnet of these beautiful reindeer mother and her calf. Aren't they wonderful? <3

The jewelry model is bronze colored magnet with white background color.

Original picture: Jorma Kyrö

Cute White Shepherd Pumpuli posing in a Ring Clip/ Number Holder for dog shows, with violet background color. :) Pumpuli is 3,5 years old and a lovely and perfect dog for Pumpuli's family <3

Cute Dino, Balto and Zero posing in a bracelet I made for their owner. <3 Dino and Balto are 2 year old chihuahuas that came to Finland from Hungary. They are energetic little cuties and need a lot of activities. Rottweiler Zero has sadly passed away at an age of 10 years. :'( Zero was a huge and wonderful personality and loved by so many people. Rest in peace lovely Zero. <3

Original photos of the dogs: Larissa Harjumäki

Did you know that you can order totally customized jewelry for example with your favourite colors? Here is one example of customized necklace. The customer wanted to have statement necklace with a color scheme emerald green, black and silver. Here is the final piece <3 Also an example that you can order Pusseli jewelry with any kind of photos. 

Beautiful Strekoza's Casanova, Igor, posing in black number holder with black background color. Igor is a handsome Oriental Shorthair who was 6 months old when his picture was taken. <3

Original picture of Igor: Pauli Araneva.

Customized necklace with 5 cute pictures of hedgehogs and black background color. Hedgehogs are Elmeri, Cecilia, Elsa, Pavel and Neula. <3

Original photos of the hedgehogs: Marja Pihkala

Wonderful Elmo posing in sterling silver stud earrings. Background color is dark grey. Elmo is a charming 2-year-old Afghan Hound. <3 His whole name is Chawwa's Candide.

Original photo of Elmo: Asuintupa Photography


Isn't this so beautiful necklace model choise for this cat? <3 Cute 1,5 year old Bengal Cat Coco Chanel posing in black-leopard statement necklace. Background color is bright yellow.  

Cute Reindeer stud earrings with different background colors, light pink and black. These beautiful reindeers from Lapland are Musta (black) and Ukko (white). <3

Original photo of the reindeers: Jorma Kyrö

Adorable Shetland Sheepdogs Manta, Ada and Lex are posing on a customized lanyard necklace. Customer wanted to include all of her three dogs to a lanyard necklace and here is a result. Photographer of the original photos: Katja Arvio.
Jewelry model as a base of this customized version: Bronze Lanyard Necklace With Your Own Photo

Winner of "Tärkeät hetket"-competition ordered a necklace with two dogs of her own. These beautiful dogs are Ebba and Assa. Original pictures by: Inka Annukka Honkanen. 

Jewelry model:  Bronze Necklace With Your Own Photo

Lovely dogs Chili, Papu and Roksu posing on their owner's bracelet. Owner wanted diffrent background  colors for each dog: turquoise, lime green and light yellow. 

Jewelry model: Bronze Bracelet With Your Own 1-6 Pictures

Here is an example of a customized necklace, original model was Bronze Necklace With Your Own Photo - Oval. Customer wanted that we would add sea green beads to the chain.  The length of the necklace was also made longer. The cute dog posing here is Nitro.

Jewelry model as a base of this customized version: Bronze Necklace With Your Own Photo - Oval

Lovely friends Roki and Blondi being cute on their owner's lanyard necklace. 

Jewelry model: Silver lanyard necklace with your own photo - with beads

Beautiful horse Stiga and cute dog Olga posing for their owner's jewelry pieces. Photographer of the original picture of the horse: Aada Lätti.   Jewelry models: Silver Magnet With Your Own Photo and Silver Keyring With Your Own Photo - round (skull pendant)

Adorable Brazilian Terrier Chili posing on a piece that was ordered as a memorial necklace.  

The jewelry model: Silver Necklace With Your Own Photo - Oval

Cute Labrador Retriever Upi cheering up her owner's everyday life in these jewelry pieces. 

Jewelry models: Silver Keyring With Your Own Photo - oval & Silver lanyard necklace with your own photo - with beads