Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of photos work with these jewelry pieces?

The most important thing is that you like the photo and the expression of the photo's target. It would be great if the photo's target (for example a dog) is as sharp as possible and you can see it's ears and head and also at least a little bit of neck / upper/front part of it's body. A little bit of fuzziness or unsharpness doesn't matter. It also doesn't matter which background the dog has in the photo. So just your everyday life pictures taken with mobile phone are usually great.

You can see examples of photos that work well in this page. Please don't crop the photo in advance. That way I can make the photo work best in the jewelry model. If you have wishes for the cropping of the photo, please tell them by writing them to shopping cart's message field or by email. 

2. What kind of photos don't work?

The majority of all the photos sent work great with the jewelry pieces. Approx. 0,5 % of all the photos sent don't work for a reason or another. The reason for that could be that the photo is really small (under 200 x 200 pixels), or the photo is very smudgy or very unsharp. Or the photo is really tightly cropped (for example ears or half of the face are cropped away...). In this page you can see examples of photos that don't work so great.

If your photo is really dear to you or only photo that you have and you are wondering if it will work or not, no problem. You can always order the jewelry piece even if you are not sure of the photo. I will tell you as soon as possible if the photo doesn't work. And if you don't have a replacement photo, then I can of course give your money back and cancel your order. Or if you want, you can also send the photo in advance by email before ordering and ask if it will work for the jewelry model you had in mind.

3. I can't deside which photo I should choose, can you help me?

Yes I can. You can send multiple pictures and let me choose the one that works best in the jewelry model you ordered. 

4. How do I send the pictures for the jewelry?

At the moment you can send the pictures after ordering by email: Attach them to your email. You can also send multiple photos and let me choose the best one for the jewelry model. If you order multiple jewelry pieces, you can send all the photos in one email. Just tell me which one of the photos is ment for which jewelry model.

Write "your name + order" to the subject line of your message. For example "Jane Smith order". Write also your shipping address to the message just in case.

5. I can't deside the background color for the jewelry piece, can you help me?

If you can't deside the background color, you can let me (the Pusseli Jewelry designer and maker) deside the best color. Choose "Choose the color on my behalf" from the Choose the background color drop down menu. If you have some favourite colors, or colors you don't like, you can tell them by email ( I can then choose the best color for your pet (or other target).

6. Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, I ship worldwide. If your contry isn't in the list at the checkout, please send me a message at All of the world's countries are probably not listed yet. But I can add your country to the list and then you can make your order. 

7. How long is the shipping time? Can it be rushed? 

Shipping time depends on your country. The cheapest delivery method is priority letter. To Finland shipping time with priority letter is approx. 2 weeks. To Europe shipping time is approx. 2-4 weeks. Everywhere else the shipping time varies from 3 to 8 weeks. 

If you are in a hurry, you can choose faster delivery method: Exprès Letter. With the Exprès Letter delivery times are approx.: To Finland usually 5-7 working days, Europe 6-10 working days, rest of the world 7-13 working days. The estimates do not include the time required for possible Customs clearance.  

8. I have special wishes for the jewelry piece. How can I tell them?

If you are ordering a necklace or bracelet with multiple photos, you can wish a certain order for the photos. If for example you would like to have the dogs in the middle and cats on the edges of the jewelry piece. Or if you would like to have the pet in black and white for the jewelry piece. 

9. I would like to order the necklace/bracelet in different length, is it possible?

Yes. I can customize the length of your necklace or bracelet free of charge. Just tell me the length you would like at the shopping cart's message field or by email. If you are ordering a necklace with custom length, tell me the length at the shortest without the pendant. If you are ordering a bracelet, tell me the preferable length/circumference at the shortest. 

10. What materials are being used in the jewelry pieces?

The materials being used in these jewelry pieces are for example alloy, zinc alloy, glass, crystal and also acrylic. The materials are nickel safe. Please be gareful though if you have allergies with metals. Although the manufactures of the materials being used have manifested that these materials are nickel free or nickel safe, I can't quarentee that 100 %. If you have allergies, you can contact me and I can for example make you a custom piece with a material you know works for you and doesn't cause you any harm. 

Pusseli Jewelry isn't responsible for any allergic reactions so please be careful if you have any doubt that you have allergies for metals, acrylic or glass.

Examples of photos that work great with jewelry pieces

Above you can see examples of photos that can be used with different kind of jewelry pieces. The background of the picture doesn't matter because you can choose a new background color for the jewelry piece. I can also make a jewelry piece with photo that has multiple pets in it.

Examples of photos that DON'T work well with jewelry pieces

Above you can see examples of photos that don't work well with jewelry pieces. They are either way too smudgy, incorrectly focused, or too tightly cropped. Or the pet is being covered by something, for example a branch.