Designing jewelry just for you

Would you like to have a unique jewelry piece designed just for you?

Pusseli designs and makes also unique jewelry pieces with your pictures. You can order a jewelry piece in your favourite model, color and style. We can customize some Pusseli-jewelry model for you or we can design completely new model from scratch.

You can order for example a Pusseli jewelry piece with different length or bead colors. Or we can design from scratch a new statement piece for example to complement your party dress. These customized unique pieces have 100% satisfaction quarantee. I won't send the jewelry piece until you are totally satisfied with it.

If you would like to have a unique jewelry piece designed for you, please contact: Let's make your dreams come true. :)


Changes to Pusseli-models:

- Changes to chain length: 0 € 

- Different bead colors: From 5 €

- Changing the chain style: From 5 €

- Customizing a Pusseli-model (For example different beads, more pictures etc.): From 10 €

Unique design: 

- Price includes the designing and making of the jewelry and the final jewelry piece. The final cost depends on the work load and used materials. You always get the final price before we start to make the jewelry piece: From 60 €